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Minecraft 都可以學英文?當然可以!Minecraft
Education 是一個使用全英語交流的學習環境,每位小朋友在學習的過程中都沉浸在全英語會話的世界中,就好像被帶到外國上課一樣。(ADVENTURES IN ENGLISH WITH CAMBRIDGE) 不論是閲讀世界歷史、人物事跡還是學習英國文學,都能夠接觸到海量的英語知識和會話技巧。Minecraft 更搜羅世界各地的由教育專家開發的英語學習模組,使用有趣的故事學習不同的英文單字!令你的小朋友在閲讀莎士比亞故事時,更可以深入其中親身探索故事世界的人物細節,所以說流利的英語都是浸出來的! 

English Literature
1 對 1 教學
或自組小班 (2-4人)
每堂 1 小時
每堂學費 (1 對 1) $380 / (小組) 每人$320
適合 5+ 歲報名



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所有課程由 Minecraft 認可導師任教 • 學生完成課程可取得官方畢業證書

Minecraft 學生畢業證書

使用 Minecraft 超過 100 + 個的官方課程模組講解内容,其中完成特定模組更可以取得由 Minecraft 簽發的證書。

Minecraft 認可導師證書

本中心所有導師都是 Minecraft Certified Teachers 由行業最專業的導師任教課程。使用 Minecraft 超過 100 + 個的官方課程模組講解内容。

Minecraft English & Literature 課程内容

    • Write a newspaper article from the animal’s perspective about the events leading to the founding of the town.
    • Have students explore the Fantastic Mr. Fox Minecraft world. Challenge them to find each of the scenes from the book. Ask students, how is the world different from the text or how you pictured it in your mind? Use the attached coordinate list to identify all of the landmarks.
    • Use the animal town the students built as a writing prompt to a write short story detailing a day in the life of the animals living underground town.
    • Using the coordinates, dig a full tunnel from the Fox home to the three farms.

    • Choose a Person
      • Your teacher will guide you to choose a significant person in the past. This person may appear several times on the timeline, but you need to concentrate on a specific event at a specific time.
    • Research, Research, Research!
      • Find anything you can about the person, the event they where involved in and how they felt about it. Try and find diaries or any quotes that give us an insight into their lives at that time. Read their stories. Get to know them!
    • Make an NPC (Non-player Character) to Represent that Person.
      • Determine the date of the event and place your NPC on the correct spot on the timeline. My class made little stages for them. It is up to you how you want to present them.
      • Make an NPC with the name of that person.
      • Make posters for others to read around the event. We added them behind the person.
    • Get to know the People on the Timeline
      • Once you and your class have completed the NPCs, your timeline is now populated with friends and foes from the past that want to get to know you and are ready to be interviewed! Take time to read the stories of all the NPCs and get a feel what it was like during that time.

      • Brainstorming: What to build and what (blocks/objects) will be used
      • Planning: Create a blueprint of what the build will be and who is responsible for building what
      • Building: Build the elements within Minecraft and write the instructions of what needs to be done (using boards)
      • Testing: Try out the experience in Minecraft—does the activity function as intended in Minecraft? Is it clear from the instructions what the students need to do? Is it clear when the activity is solved and/or done?
      • Recording: Provide a record for the activity and record the project running in Minecraft

      • Ask students to identify and object or image for description, either in written work in progress, or as the focus of a new work.
      • Talk with students about how reading poetry closely can support the development of writing craft.
      • Student experiences: Students will explore a maze in order to find 6 rooms, each with a different descriptive technique.
      • Students will encounter non-player characters (NPCs) who prompt them to read mentor text poems and to respond to those in notes.
      • Students will write in response to in-game prompts to develop sensory details.
      • After visiting the 6 rooms and practicing the descriptive techniques, students can write poems or build creative descriptions in the game inspired by the maze.

    • This list runs on and Over 100+ more Lessons to Explore!

Minecraft Education 受教育專家推薦!

Minecraft Education 官方教育版 100+ 教材!


– 在 Minecraft 環境中輕鬆學習電腦編程、數學思維及英語文學!