最新 Minecraft 證書課程

完成 100 小時課程後,可以取得由 Minecraft 發出的單元證書及本中心認可證書

STEM AI Coding & Math!
(Minecraft 編程學院)

想學 Coding?當然要學 Microsoft 最頂尖的官方教材!Minecraft Education 是 Microsoft 的衆多電腦軟件中的其中一款重要學習工具。Microsoft 近年在全球積極推廣小朋友學習電腦編程技術,特別在美國,Minecraft 已經成爲大人及小朋友最喜歡的學習工具!不論是由 Algorithms 的組織概念、Block Coding 或 Python 編程全部都可以在 Minecraft 世界中輕鬆學會!Minecraft 中有大量不同程度的電腦編程學習模組可以學習,其中更有官方認證的編程模組,小朋友完成特定的模組後,更可以取得由 Minecraft 認可簽發的證書一張!

* 本中心是 Microsoft Learning Partner 官方學習夥伴

Minecraft Coding
Minecraft Math
1 對 1 教學
或自組小班 (2-4人)
每堂 1 小時
每堂學費 (1 對 1) $380 / (小組) 每人$320
適合 5+ 歲報讀


Step 1:預約時間

預約上堂時間!家長可以致電 / 電郵 / WhatsApp 預約上課時間!簡單又方便!

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所有課程由 Minecraft 認可導師任教 • 學生完成課程可取得官方畢業證書

Minecraft 學生畢業證書

使用 Minecraft 超過 100 + 個的官方課程模組講解内容,其中完成特定模組更可以取得由 Minecraft 簽發的證書。

Minecraft 認可導師證書

本中心所有導師都是 Minecraft Certified Teachers 由行業最專業的導師任教課程。使用 Minecraft 超過 100 + 個的官方課程模組講解内容。

Minecraft Coding & Math 課程内容

    • Time Split 1:
      • Big Band Jazz (This is the Guided Challenge) The great jazz musician has lost his beloved trumpet and has replaced it with a kazoo! Code your Time Agent to get through the maze and retrieve the musician’s trumpet to save jazz. 
    • Time Split 2:
      • The Great Pyramids of Giza: The Great Pyramids are now cubes! Code your Time Agent to help the designer create a secure structure that will last for thousands of years… the pyramid.
    • Time Split 3:
      • Moon Mission: The astronauts need your help—use your Time Agent to complete a maze and deliver the calculations to help the astronauts land on the Moon!
    • Time Split 4:
      • The Great Wall of China: The Great Wall isn’t actually great, yet… In fact, it’s very short! The hungry panda bears keep eating the bamboo scaffolding, which now means the workers cannot build the great and tall wall they wanted. Code a bamboo garden to divert the hungry pandas! 
    • Time Split 5:
      • The Mona Lisa: Mona Lisa is no longer smiling—in fact, she is very upset. The Time Culprit went back and destroyed Mona Lisa’s fountain, causing her famous smile to be a frown. Code your Time Agent to cheer her up by fixing her fountain.
    • Time Split 6:
      • First Flights: The Culprit has filled the airplane runway with holes. Instead of having airplanes, we only have hot air balloons. Code your Time Agent to fix the runway so the inventors can make their first flight!
    • Time Split 7:
      • First Computer Scientist: The first computer science program played a song, but the Culprit has ruined the code. Use your Time Agent to fix the code to make the music play!
    • Time Split 8:
      • Human’s Best Friend: Human’s best friend is no longer the dog, but a bear! Use your Time Agent to befriend a pup and lead a pup back to the humans to become best friends again.
    • Time Split 9:
      • Palaeontology Puzzle: Oh no! The Culprit went back in time and stole some fossils causing the brachiosaurus to have a short neck. Use your Time Agent to help replace the stolen fossils so the palaeontologists can build the brachiosaurus with a long neck!
    • Time Split 10:
      • Elements of Discovery: The culprit snuck into the science lab and hid some of the elements. Use your Time Agent to find the hidden elements so the scientist can make the great discovery!

        • Challenge 1: Agent Move. Move your Agent forward so that it stands on the gold block.
        • Challenge 2: Plant a Sapling. Receive a gift from the Agent and plant it in the center of the castle.

        • Challenge 1: Build a dock. Fishing is something Villagers have never been good at. The Illagers from the next town over offered to help them learn, but they recommended building a dock first. Use your Agent to build a dock at the edge of the shore. It should be 4 blocks wide and 6 blocks long.
        • Challenge 2: Introduce the ravager to the Villagers. Ravagers are misunderstood creatures. Everyone in town is afraid of them, but one Villager has learned that they’re friendly! Use your Agent to introduce the ravager to the three Villagers standing near their houses so they can see how gentle these creatures really are.
        • Challenge 3: Protect the beet farm. Something keeps tearing up Villagers’ beet farm and they think it’s due to the ravagers that the Illagers keep as pets. The Illagers say it wasn’t the ravagers, but who else could it be? Use your Agent to build a protective fence around the farm to keep out whatever is stealing the beets.
        • Challenge 4: Prepare the field for farming. Illagers don’t have much farmland and don’t know how to farm. The Villagers offered to help teach them, but first the Illagers need help tilling the soil. Use your Agent to teach them how to till this block of land.
        • Challenge 5: Help the kids get their ball. A group of Illager children have lost their ball on the roof of a Villager’s home and are afraid to go get it. The children don’t know much about the Villager, but they’ve have heard that it might be a witch. Use your Agent to move up wall and press the buttons along the way to get the Villager’s elevator working so it can bring down the ball.  
        • Challenge 6: Build a motorized railway. The Illagers host a fair for the two towns to gather and trade, but the Villagers have stopped coming. The Illagers think that the Villagers don’t like them, but the Villagers say it’s too hard to get their goods up the hill. Use your Agent to build a motorized railway so that Villagers can go up the hill to participate in the fair.

  • This list runs on and 100+ more lessons to explore!


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